Kind Words

Katherine, E. Bay Ridge Resident. “I didn’t even know I needed this service until I got it— so glad I found Emily. I work from home, where the clutter from business overlaps with my clutter from daily life, and finallllly I can transition from one mode to the other with a clear head and definite focus. I am really appreciative– I may have her back in a few years to see if I have kept it up!”

Alexandra D. New York City Resident.
“Emily (owner of Emagine Simplicity) and close friend for over ten years is now only one of the most creative, head strong people I know but she is reliable, creative, intelligent, compassionate, determined and is always up beat and ready to take on any situation with a smile and sense of grace.

Emily is fantastic at what she does; highly organized, thorough and attentive she creates a strong working relationship with all her clients who are her priority. Every project is executed on a one on one basis with personalized attention. I highly recommend Emily for anyone seeking to simplify their life and make things flow smoother.”

Jayne R. Park Slope Resident.
“My closets are small and had become extremely messy and disorganized. Emily quickly helped me de-clutter, reorganize what I was left with, and maximize my closet space with interesting home storage ideas. She is a wonderful person who listens very well, is kind and nonjudgemental, and truly finds pleasure in helping people find new ways to maximize their living and storage space. I would eagerly recommend Emily for an job- large or small!”

Risa G. Brooklyn Heights Resident.
“While in bed recovering from surgery, Emily began to clean out my closet. I was in the habit of blindly tossing everything into the existing heap. Emily took everything out, categorized it all, and held up item after item to either donate, toss, or keep. She helped me part with my shredded T-shirts, clothing I hadn’t worn in years, bags, fat wooden hangers and my jewelry. She designed the interior and I had shelves built for shoes, bags, and neat storage boxes. I have kept it up and treated myself to a whole new wardrobe.

Emily is thorough and thoughtful with an excellent sense of what is really necessary for a strong and organized space. I couldn’t do it without her!”

Kate L. Cobble Hill Resident.
“Emily helped me figure out an extremely manageable way to maintain and organize my closet. I was constantly losing items of clothing, shoes and accessories. Whatever system I thought I had going, was not working at all! With Emily’s help I’ve been able to keep it up, I’m looking forward to her coming to help me get my closet ready for Spring!”

Beth R. Carroll Gardens Resident.
“At first I was ashamed by the clutter of my apartment and I did not know what to do about it. Emily came into my space and eased my fears about cleaning up. She did an amazing job helping me settle in. She taught me skills that I never thought I would have. I no longer felt panicky because I couldn’t find my keys in the morning, and I use the tips she gave me everyday.

My space has changed, and with this change I have reverted back to some of my old behaviors. Emily will be returning to help me get back on track, I do not know what I would do with out her! When she came back to my apartment she noted the parts of her system that seemed to be working and then reanalyzed what was not working. We will continue to work together and I am excited to see what she comes up with each time she comes in.

I recommend Emily to anyone who needs anything from a little closet help to a major reorganization. She is respectful, intelligent, calming and eager to help on an individual level. When you hire Emily you are hiring a professional, creative and genuine woman who is passionate about helping you overcome your organizational issues. She does not simply organize for you, but teaches you the skills needed to maintain your space.”

Raphael L. Cobble Hill Resident.
“When we hurriedly moved from one house to our current house 15 years ago, our basement became our default “put it downstairs” place. Since then, we have accumulated “dead relatives” stuff, as well as “that’s too good to throw out” stuff, and “the children are grown stuff”. I also should mention, “house stuff”, which includes, but is not limited to snow stuff, gardening stuff, barbecue stuff, and other recreational stuff. It was always my intention to deal with this “STUFF” and turn our basement into a orderly and usable space. I would often go down there and stare for 10 minutes and leave.
When my daughter gave me the business card for “emagine simplicity” I was eager to find out if they were my solution. I figured an initial consultation couldn’t hurt. After meeting with Emily, she gave me a clear concise plan of what she would do for me, as well as a timetable.

In three days, she sorted and laid out the whole basement in sensible categories. As well as creating a “garbage pile” for me to evaluate. 100% percent of that pile I threw out! I no longer have a basement of clutter. I have an organized and accessible space which I can keep that way with minimal effort. I plan on using Emily to help me with a “divestment” plan for much of what’s left.”