emagine simplicity, helps organize everything from people’s closets to their lives. Emily has custom designed organizing systems for clients, taught organizational skills, and helped people make the most of their NYC spaces.

As Emily’s business grew, she found that many of her clients were seeking her expertise as a part of their preparation to sell their homes. In 2013, Emily joined one of the largest brokerages in the New York Metropolitan area. She has built a passionate following among her clients who rave about her exceptional customer service and willingness to tirelessly champion their interests. Emily’s aesthetic sensibility, eye for detail, and creative solutions to optimize space made her a natural stager – helping people present their homes in a way that showcases their maximum value.

The professionalism, efficiency, and attention to detail which have been hallmarks of Emily’s work in the real estate profession have served her equally well as an organizer and stager. Additionally, her warm personality, patience, and honesty distinguish her from others in the field.